Motorcycle Vest with laces on the sides for ladies in cowhide leather waistcoat Janice 213

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This Ladies Lace Waistcoat is made in top quality aniline hide leather
and is tapered fit so that it even when worn open, it still has a fitted shape.

It is a unique design since it has special leather ribbed panels on the back and adjustable laces on both sides of the waistcoat, so you can wear it over a jacket and still get the same tapered fitting.



Caring for Your Leather Garment

The best way to ensure that your leather jacket stays supple, soft, smooth and clean is to treat it like the valuable item that it is. The first step is to read the manufacturer’s label: there may be some specific care instructions for the leather, such as how often to waterproof or condition the jacket. There are also some general guidelines to keep your leather jacket in good shape. 
Keep your jacket dry. Avoid wearing your leather jacket in rainy weather. If it does get wet, make sure that you hang it out to dry immediately before putting it away.